Unity not uniformity

Reconciliation is an ongoing spiritual process involving forgiveness, repentance and justice.

We Believe

Jesus died to create unity in all of His people spanning across socioeconomic status, age, and ethnicity (Ephesians 2). Anything less is not in accordance with the will of God. Biblical unity is not uniformity. Unity amongst diversity is intended to be a marker of the church and its local and global context.

Just Mercy

Bryan Stevenson

Why is this important?

God is a reconciling God. The Gospel, at its core, is a message of reconciliation. If you are human, then you are created in the image of God and therefore called by God to help steward the world.

Tell me more?

The contentious racial history of the United States has infiltrated and influenced all of its institutions, including the Christian Church. The resources below shed light on the historical and current reality of these systems. If we belong to Jesus, we are part of His movement to bring more reconciliation between people and God.

Art of Neighboring

Pathak and Runyon

How do we engage?

There is no clearer or more credible witness of God’s love for all people than the witness of diverse believers walking, working, and worshipping God, together as one in and through the local church.

Next Steps?